Zibo Sankyo Rikagaku Co., Ltd.
Zibo Sankyo Rikagaku Co., Ltd.
As one of the professional China wholesale abrasive suppliers, Sankyo Fuji Star category of products covers from Jumbo Rolls to a variety of converted Abrasive products, including Abrasive Sheets, Abrasive Discs, Abrasive Belts, Flap wheels, Flap discs, etc. Our waterproof abrasive paper is well-known for top stable quality, especially precision sanding performance. Multiple specifications of stearate coated sandpaper can meet customers' different sanding demands in various sanding application fields. Abrasive net is designed for dust free sanding, taking care of workers' health. Grinding Cube is high-tech product with pyramid shape grain, leaving uniform scratch and perfect sanding surface. Sand paper rolls, abrasive cloth, abrasive film, sanding disc, sanding sponge from our abrasive factory are also very competitive in the market.
Waterproof Abrasive Paper
Wet & dry flexible paper backing, the inherent flexibility allows both flat surface and contour of irregular surface. 
Abrasive Film
Abrasive lapping films are coated with precision graded abrasives on a polyester film.
Abrasive Net
We are a specialized manufacturer and supplier of Abrasive Net.
Grinding Cube
Engineered using microreplication technology, Grinding Cube is comprised of miniscule 3D aluminium-oxide structures spread across the entire surface of the abrasive material.
Stearate Coated Sandpaper
Zibo Sankyo Stearated Coated Sandpaper is made of high quality abrasives, with a special sand planting process, high quality backing paper and synthetic resin, in its surface coated with anti-static, anti-adhesion from the super coating.
Sanding Discs
Sanding Discs are the traditional dry sanding product for random orbital and rotary sanders.
Fuji Star® Abrasives
Since our founder established our brand mark with Mt. Fuji and the eternal Stars on abrasive paper in 1930, we have delivered high-quality products to every industry, and are now the top maker in Japan.
Sand Paper Rolls
Sandpaper rolls come in a wide variety of configurations and product types.
Sanding Sponges
Sanding sponges are ideal products to obtain smooth finishes in the woodworking, automotive, drywall, metal, paint and various solid surfaces.
Why Choose FUJISTAR?

ZIBO SANKYO RIKAGAKU CO., LTD, founded in 2002 in China, is a wholly Japanese-owned enterprise of SANKYO RIKAGAKU CO., LTD. One of the wholesale abrasive suppliers and a world leading coated abrasives company.

At present, ZIBO SANKYO RIKAGAKU CO., LTD has two factories in Zibo Hi-tech Zone and Changzhou Hi-tech Zone, nine world advanced automatic makers, one fully automatic warehouse, one hi-tech product's R &D laboratory and one product application laboratory including electron microscope, pyrolysis chromatograph, abrasive graphic analyzer and other high-inspection equipments to ensure the effectiveness of product quality control and user services. We are a provincial hi-tech enterprise and abrasive products company which has the R &D center of coated abrasives technologies in Shandong province.

Cherishing resources and continuously reducing the impact on the environment are our important concepts rooted in our development process. We constantly strive to use environmental protection and renewable resources to produce products, comply with environmental regulations and pay attention to environmental protection and work with users to create products that are dust-free or continuously improve the grinding environment, improve grinding efficiency and improve grinding quality. We are confident to claim that we are a top-level company among China abrasive manufacturers.

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