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Fuji Star® Lapping Film

What Are Fuji Star® Lapping Film advantages?

Fuji Star® Lapping Film is made from precisely graded aluminum oxide particles coated on uniform polyester film. FUJISTAR offers high aggressiveness and long life. Aluminum oxide products are of importance, such as aluminum oxide emery cloth.

Fuji Star® Lapping Film delivers precise cutting ability and high abrasive power that ensures consistent results on a wide range of materials. The product provides uniform finishes on various substrates and delivers consistent cut rate, finish and life.

The film is ideal for polishing power train in automotive industry. It's compatible with a variety of sanding and buffing machines and is hard-wearing, so offers an extended service life. We also have relevant products like self adhesive abrasive film.

Application Of Fuji Star® Lapping Film

Application Of Fuji Star® Lapping Film

Application Of Fuji Star® Lapping Film

FUJSITAR lapping films are used for fine polishing and sharpening of a wide range of materials including automotive parts, automotive coating polishing, flat displays and magnetic heads, plastic lenses, optical fiber ends and creation of analytical samples, and are often used especially when polishing power trains. FUJSITAR lapping films give you unmatched consistency and control for finishing and polishing difficult-to-sanding materials such as carbide, ceramics, hardened metals, exotic alloys and composites. They are designed to help you achieve your target finish in less time, so you can increase throughput without investing in new machines or additional shifts.

Features Of Fuji Star® Lapping Film

  • Precisely graded aluminum oxide grain offers uniform sanding surface and long life.

  • Precise cutting ability and high abrasive power.

  • Uniform finishes on various substrates

  • Consistent cut rate, finish and life

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