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Microfinishing Film

What Is Microfinishing Film Used For?

Polyester film backing to deliver uniform results and meet stringent surface requirements.

This comes in a broad range of micron grades to achieve reproducible surface characteristics and geometric values that adhere to specification.

Predictable, Consistent, Repeatable Performance.

How do I use Microfinishing Film?

How do I use Microfinishing Film?

How do I use Microfinishing Film?

Microfinishing Film can be used by hand or with a sanding machine. Simply cut the abrasive film to the desired size and attach it to a sanding block or machine. Use a consistent pressure and motion to achieve a smooth and uniform finish.

Features Of Microfinishing Film

  • Durable polyester film backing

  • Precision, micron-graded abrasive offers a superior, uniform finish on many substrates

  • Provides aggressive cut and reduces loading

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