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Grinding Cube

Grinding Cube, which was created utilizing microreplication technology, is made up of extremely small 3D structures made of aluminum oxide that are dispersed over the whole surface of the abrasive substance. The pyramid-shaped abrasive is made up of consistently spaced, small, sharp structures that resemble pyramids. When applied to metal surfaces, these structures produce a quick, uniform cut that eliminates extremely small sand marks. Both belt-making sanding cloth and disc-sanding film are available with this grain type.

What Is The Use Of Grinding Cube?

SANKYO Grinding Cube Abrasive is used for metal, by dust removal, intermediate polishing and  fine polishing before polishing or plating. 

The cube abrasive provides excellent performance even on hard metals such as stainless steel or carbon steel and other high nickel alloys.

The Grinding Cube helps reduce warping and discoloration.

Why Choose Grinding Cube From FUJISTAR?

Why Choose Grinding Cube From FUJISTAR?

Why Choose Grinding Cube From FUJISTAR?
  • The backing cloth makes sure contoured and irreular surfaces without geometries.

  • Carefully chosen cube grain planted evenly, there is no scratches.

  • Grinding help tp lower operating temperature,microreplicated structures containing aluminum oxide abrasives delivers consistent,repeatable finishes throughout product life.

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