Zibo Sankyo Rikagaku Co., Ltd.
Zibo Sankyo Rikagaku Co., Ltd.

FUJISTAR Abrasives Market Solutions

FUJISTAR ABRASIVES Supply all the grinding and polishing solutions. Our products supply faster grinding and long grinding life, excellent surface refinishing in the shortest time. We always try to supply the best quality to the global market.

Automotive Abrasives
Zibo Sankyo waterproof abrasive paper has a long life for the user and is able to maintain a clean working environment. Our velcro disc also provides the perfect solution to the problem of automotive. More and more customers choose our products.
Abrasives in Construction Industry
We are always looking for ways to promote your business and make your work cleaner and easier. We have been committed to the stability of product quality, improve service level, making you have a better use experience.
Woodworking Abrasives
Wood Working
At FUJISTAR Abrasives, we are experienced experts when it comes to wood sanding. Our roots lie in the manufacturing of abrasives for solid wood and wood-based materials.
Sandpaper For Metal
Metal Fabrication
Irrespective of whether it is stainless steel or aluminium that needs grinding, SANKYO has the very best in abrasives for metal working from ABRASIVE CLOTH to ABRASIVE PAPER. We have high stock removal and perfect surface finishes.
Abrasives Products Used in Presicion Polishing Industry
Presicion Polishing
Uniform distribution and coating of micro grains are bonded with special resin on treated surface of backing paper or film. Such precision coating leads to consistent and super precise finish without deep scratches.
Abrasives Products Used in Coatings & Composites Industry
Coatings & Composites
In different fields, such as automotive, boat building, carbon/glass fibers, transport industry, furniture, we have different professional products with excellent performances, which will make your work easier and better.