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Fuji Star® Film Discs

What Are Fuji Star® Film Discs Advantages?

Fuji Star® Film Discs consist of a smooth base film coated with superfine abrasives by means of electrostatic coating. This structure achieves a level of high precision, while providing excellent abrasive performance and durability.

Fuji Star® Film Discs achieve a consistent finish with no surface roughness in order to continuously provide a new polished surface at a constant rate.

Fuji Star® Film Discs are flexible and durable. They take advantage of thinness, uniformity and strength, eliminating the need for trimming due to clogging.

Application Of Fuji Star® Film Discs

Application Of Fuji Star® Film Discs

Application Of Fuji Star® Film Discs

Fuji Star® Film Discs are engineered for final finishing primed and paint surfaces, varnishes, composites and gel coats to produce superior finishing without sacrificing cut rate. P600 and P800 grade discs are ideal for paint preparation and clear coat blending on surfaces including clear coat, fiberglass, paint, plastic and primer. They are also great for scuff sanding – faster and easier to use than traditional scuffing pads, plus there’s no drying time. P1000, P1200 and P1500 grades are ideal for removing runs and leveling minor dust nibs as well as smoothing mismatched orange peel from topcoat finishes before repainting or buffing.

Features Of Fuji Star® Film Discs

  • Durable and very flexible film backing conforms better to surfaces

  • Anti-loading stearated coating for optimum performance

  • Consistent scratch pattern and even finish, easy to blend

  • Color coded grits

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