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Pyramid Abrasive Film

What Are Pyramid Abrasive Film's advantages

FujiStar Pyramid abrasives start sharp and stay sharp, resulting in more predictable finishes and improved, consistent results

Ideal for paint defect repair process for automotive finishes

Well suited for use on mini random orbital sanders to produce a polish-ready finish

Application Of Pyramid Abrasive Film

Application Of Pyramid Abrasive Film

Application Of Pyramid Abrasive Film

Fine Sanding and Finish of Automotive Coatings

Available in three grades -- D3, D5, and D7 -- FujiStar Film Disc Roll 2111C is the clearcoat spot repair disc used by automotive manufacturers worldwide. In convenient roll form, these discs are designed for quick access and attachment to rotary tools or orbital sanders.

While it breaks down faster than ALOX, silicon carbide produces a brighter finish. It's commonly used for defect repair on clear coats, plastics and paints, because it can effectively refine these surfaces without significantly gouging or damaging the workpiece.

Features Of Pyramid Abrasive Film

  • Silicon carbide mineral in three very fine micron grades

  • FujiStar microreplication technology, micron-graded particles are formed into tiny pyramids of abrasive mineral on a non-compressible 3-mil polyester film backing.

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