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Specification of C34P Waterproof Paper

Sanding BlocksA/CSPONGER/R
ShapeCommon Sizes
100*70*25mm Sponge100*70*25mm, 98*68*25mm
Angled Sanding BlockSingle angle126*70*25mm, 126*72*26mm
Dual angle126*72*26mm
Long Sanding Block228*84*25mm,225*76*25mm
Foam DensityTwo types available: high density and medium density
AbrasiveAluminium oxide or silicon carbide, grits 36 to 220. Two different grits on adjacent faces of a sanding block available.
Brand PrintingGrit size and brand name and logo can be printed directly onto the sanding block foam surface.
Foam ColorGrey, blue, orange, etc.
Packaging250 pieces in bulk pack boxes, or we can offer customer-specific packagings.
Shape and sizes can be customized if required

Characteristics of C34P Waterproof Paper

Washable, reusable and longer working lifetime.

Flexible and durable for use on flat, contoured and irregular surfaces.

Sanding with high efficiency & conveniency.

Smooth and consistent finish of wood, paint, metal, plastic or drywall.

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