Silicon Carbide Water Proof Paper

What Are Fujistar Silicon Carbide Water Proof Paper Advantages?

Silicon carbide is a sharper and harder grain than aluminum oxide. Fujistar silicon carbide grain is first class premium quality, thereby optimizing cut-rate and disc life.

Improve performance. The premium grain and a super smooth C-weight paper backing translate to a consistent cut without wild scratches. Resin over resin bonding system makes grains are strongly bonded on the paper backing.

Increase convenience. In order to meet customers’ different convenient requirements, silicon carbide waterproof paper is designed to be used in both wet and dry sanding.

Application Of Silicon Carbide Water Proof Paper

Application Of Silicon Carbide Water Proof Paper

Application Of Silicon Carbide Water Proof Paper

Silicon Carbide Waterproof Paper is widely used in sanding and polishing of automotive, furniture, mechanical components, electrical household appliance, etc. Wet sanding and dry sanding are both available. Silicon Carbide Waterproof Paper sheets are typically used by hand or sanding machine. Excellent polishing results in wet sanding applications for automotive body and metalworking. Typical applications include primer sanding, defect removal from painted surfaces, light-duty metal sanding, filler sanding, composite and fiberglass sanding and finishing, bare wood sanding, and sanding between sealer coats. Silicon carbide is a type of excellent grain that is harder than aluminum oxide. Most waterproof paper used for fine finishing and polishing are coated with silicon carbide.

Features Of Silicon Carbide Water Proof Paper

  • Premium Silicon Carbide, cuts fast, efficiently, performs well on many surfaces.

  • Reinforced paper backing, supports aggressive sanding with extra durability, tear resistant.

  • Superior bond system provides reliable attachment, extends cut life.

  • Wet and dry sanding are both available.

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