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Fuji Star® Sheet Sandpaper

What Is Fuji Star® Sheet Sandpaper Advantages?

Fuji Star® Sheet Sandpaper is well-known for high and stable quality. A high-quality, high-performance long lasting sand paper that produces a quick, cool cut without loading.

Extend lifetime. A load-resistant coating prevents wood dust, paint particles, and other debris from prematurely clogging the surface, optimizing cut-rate and sanding life.

Available in many sizes and shapes to accommodate various hand tools and power sander. The many varieties of abrasives and treatments provide user versatility for general purpose sanding many materials.

Application Of Fuji Star® Sheet Sandpaper

Application Of Fuji Star® Sheet Sandpaper

Fuji Star® Sheet Sandpaper is designed to handle a wide range of sanding and finishing needs. 

Aggressive cut and long life make sandpaper desirable for high production operations, and general sanding and finishing applications on a variety of substrates, including paint, primer, wood, metal, plastic, and composites, including fiberglass.

Fuji Star® Sheet Sandpaper is excellent for blending and finishing on aluminum, as well as woodworking applications for heavy and medium stock removal and finishing on hardwoods, softwoods, and composites. 

Fuji Star® Sheet Sandpaper also work well on primer, paint, sealers, topcoats, fiberglass, and plastics.

Features Of Fuji Star® Sheet Sandpaper

  • Premium aluminum oxide or silicon carbide grain, cuts fast, performs well on many surfaces.

  • Reinforced paper backing, supports aggressive sanding with extra durability, tear resistant.

  • Load-resistant coating improves load resistance, and extends cut life.

  • Superior bond system provides reliable attachment, extends cut life.

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