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Zibo Sankyo Rikagaku Co., Ltd.


ZIBO SANKYO RIKAGAKU CO.,LTD is invested by SANKYO RIKAGAKU CO.,LTD in Japan, it is the first joint-venture in the coated abrasives industry of China. As a general abrasives manufacturer, we design product specifications together with your company so that we can offer abrasives with superior workability depending on the application.

Technical Help

ZIBO SANKYO was originally an abrasive manufacturer. Since 2002 we have improved our original technology and supplemented these technologies with breakthrough inventions. Today, our abrasives rely on traditional strength, such as resin formula, treated backing and mesh coating, as well as the modern technology, including micro-replication composite materials, compliant nonwoven materials, printing super abrasives and precision molding ceramic particles. The result is that the cutting, grinding, forming, polishing and polishing of a series of abrasives are very easy and accurate.

Fujistar Abrasives Technical Help
Research & Development of Fujistar Abrasives

Research & Development

R&D personnel

Our R&D workers have very professional abrasive knowledge and innovative spirit, and pursue high quality and precision. We are always committed to finding complex solutions and manufacturing new and innovative products, combining professional and detailed research with long-term experience in the abrasive field. 


We follow the market closely, attach importance to market feedback, and develop the products required by the market. We invest a lot of money in research and development every year. It has obtained many patents and provided customers with a continuous stream of unique products. We work closely with industry partners, leading paint and machine manufacturers and users in many industry branches


Investing in Innovation, and being in open communication with the professionals in the field, listening to their concerns and needs. Every product bearing the SANKYO signature is created under these conditions.

After-sale Service of Fujistar Abrasives

After-sale Service

ZIBO SANKYO has a perfect after-sales service system and quality assurance system. The company adheres to the service principle of "everything for the user" and has specially established a professional technical service team. In the future service process, the customer service center will be responsible for technical support and customer service. The center will arrange regular return visits by local technicians to solve user problems at any time.

Zibo Sankyo Rikagaku Co., Ltd.
If you have any product inquiry, technical question, after-service support, please leave us a massage, we will contact you within 24 hours.
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