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Introduction to Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Cloth: Composition and Applications

Aluminum oxide abrasive cloth is a kind of inorganic material with high hardness, high density, and high temperature stability, which is mainly composed of aluminum oxide and other rare earth elements. Its particles are mostly in the form of plates, spheres, or blocks, with high wear resistance and mechanical strength. In addition, aluminum oxide abrasive cloth is able to maintain better performance in harsh environments such as high temperature, high pressure, and corrosion.


Aluminum oxide abrasive cloth is mainly composed of aluminum oxide particles and base cloth material. Aluminum oxide particles have the characteristics of high hardness, strong wear resistance, and good chemical stability, which makes the aluminum oxide abrasive cloth outstanding in grinding and polishing processes. The base cloth material is usually a high strength fiber cloth to ensure that the alumina oxide abrasive cloth has sufficient strength and durability during use.

Log Sanding

Aluminum oxide abrasive cloth can be used to sand logs. The purpose of white sanding is to flatten the surface of the wood, removing dull stubble, burrs, hairs, dirt and oil stains, cut marks, scars, and other natural defects as well as defects brought about by the process. White sanding requires sandpaper with good sharpness and wear-resistant life. At the same time, the sandpaper should not fade and not be easily stained.

Paint Finishing

Aluminum oxide abrasive cloth can also be used to recondition the lacquer, also known as oil sanding. Oil sanding refers to the putty, primer, topcoat sanding in the furniture surface finishing paint process. During the period of several sanding sanding is to improve the adhesion of the coating, to ensure that the coating paint effect, to achieve the beautification of furniture, improve the added value of the product is the key. Oil sanding requires longer life of sandpaper and better sanding effect.

Metal Abrasive

The aluminum oxide abrasive cloth is also suitable for metal sanding. Metal sanding refers to the metal surface treatment, thereby improving the surface quality, including the removal of the previous grinding marks, milling cutter marks, etc., such as computers, cameras, cell phones, and other shell sanding. These applications require abrasive paper products with good surface consistency, a soft backing to conform to the shape of the workpiece, high flexibility, and a certain degree of moisture resistance.

Aluminum oxide abrasive cloth is suitable for a wide range of wet and dry processes, and can be used to fine-tune the rough surface of any workpiece. It is one of the most economical abrasives available. Its hardness is second only to diamond. Because of its high hardness and regular structure, aluminum oxide abrasive cloth is one of the most popular and fastest abrasive materials available.