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What Is Waterproof Abrasive Paper?

Understanding waterproof abrasive sandpaper

Also known as water-resistant sandpaper or water sandpaper, because in use can be immersed in water sanding or in water sanding and named, water abrasive sandpaper is water-resistant paper or treated and water-resistant paper as a substrate, paint or resin as a binder, aluminum oxide or silicon carbide abrasive firmly adhered to the substrate and made of an abrasive, its shape has a page and volume of two. According to the abrasive grain can be divided into: aluminum oxide waterproof abrasive sandpaper including aluminum oxide emery cloth; white aluminum oxide waterproof abrasive sandpaper; silicon carbide waterproof abrasive sandpaper; zirconium corundum water abrasive sandpaper and so on. According to the binder can be divided into: ordinary binder water abrasive sandpaper; resin binder water abrasive sandpaper. Fujistar sandpaper can provide you satifying experience, and if you are interested in it, you can contact us!

Waterproof abrasive sandpaper application

Waterproof sandpaper texture is relatively fine, waterproof sandpaper is suitable for sanding some fine texture, and suitable for post-processing; water-grit sandpaper it has a small gap between the sand grains, grinding out the debris is also small, and water together with the use of debris will flow out with the water, so to use with water, if you take water-grit sandpaper dry grinding, the debris will remain in the gap between the sand grains, so that the surface of the sandpaper becomes light so that it does not achieve its original effect The dry sandpaper is not so troublesome, and the gap between its sand grains is larger, and the debris from the grinding is also larger, and the debris will fall down during the grinding process due to the large gap, so it does not need to be used with water.

Waterproof abrasive sandpaper features

1. Water abrasive sandpaper is produced by linkage line with high efficiency.

2. Since water abrasive sandpaper uses varnish as binder, so the drying time is longer, and its drying method generally adopts hanging drying.

3. water abrasive sandpaper generally finer particle size, China's water sandpaper particle size is from P80, fine particle size and metallographic sandpaper grain Fang articulation.

4. water abrasive sandpaper generally in water conditions for grinding operations, so less dust, good labor conditions.