Zibo Sankyo Rikagaku Co., Ltd. Will Join the China Zhengzhou International Abrasives and Grinding Exposition

Sanding Discs are the traditional dry sanding product for random orbital and rotary sanders. Available in adhesive back and hook & loop attachments in a variety of sizes, hole patterns and abrasives types to give you the highest performing and broadest selection for light stock removal to fine finishing on wood, plastic, fiberglass, composite, primer and sealers. For maximum dust extraction, our Cyclonic technology extracts 60% more dust for cleaner work surface and environment.

Sanding Discs

Since our founder established our brand mark with Mt. Fuji and the eternal Stars on abrasive paper in 1930, we have delivered high-quality products to every industry, and are now the top maker in Japan.

In Japanese, to "polish" also means "to improve yourself". We are never complacent and always aim to develop better products to satisfy our customers aiming for higher "self-improvement".

Polish everything and anything!

FUJISTAR Abrasives

Mr. Zhai Jianchang has appointed MEO in SANKYO RIKAGAKU CO., LTD as of 26th August 2022. Congratulations!


On 23rd June 2022, SANKYO RIKAGAKU CO., LTD has completed the transaction of acquiring 100% equity of ZIBO RIKEN MT COATED ABRASIVES CO., LTD and ZIBO SISHA MT COATED ABRASIVES CO., LTD. The name of ZIBO RIKEN MT COATED ABRASIVES CO., LTD was officially changed to ZIBO SANKYO RIKAGAKU CO., LTD. The name of ZIBO SISHA MT COATED ABRASIVES CO., LTD remained unchanged. Since today, ZIBO SANKYO RIKAGAKU CO., LTD and ZIBO SISHA MT COATED ABRASIVES CO., LTD have officially become wholly-owned subsidiaries of SANKYO RIKAGAKU CO., LTD.

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