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Zibo Sankyo Rikagaku Co., Ltd.

2016, the Year of Quality, Everyone is in Action

In order to comprehensively promote the improvement of product quality management, the board decided to make 2016 the "quality year" of the company. A joint working group was established to supervise the construction of the quality management system, quality management PDCA and its implementation.

To ensure the maximum success of this activity and a continuously refined quality management system, all employees should have a strong sense of quality in mind:

1.Comprehensive quality, including product quality, service quality and cost quality.

2.The quality of the whole process refers to the quality that runs through the whole process of production and ensures the quality of products with quality of individual's working.

3.Quality of all employees' participation requires quality education and the emphasis on all employees' self-discipline.

2016, the Year of Quality, Everyone is in Action.

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