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Customer Symposium 2016 Successfully Held

On June 24, 2016, Customer Symposium 2016 was successfully held in the multi-function hall on the fourth floor of the office building. Representatives of RIKEN CORUNDUM, Zhongli Abrasives, New Anhua and other invited customers attended the meeting. Mr. Wang Zhirui, General Manager of Zhongli Abrasive, presided over the meeting.

Mr. Zhang Jinxue, Deputy General Manager of the company, delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the company and thanked all guests for their support and help over the years. All customer representatives shared the market information, their experience and difficulties in the current situations.

At the meeting, Li Xude from the trade department interpreted the application of abrasive products in the process of automobile refinishing. Engineer Xu Huanming introduced new products such as C11PM, AP59, AP23M+and AP33M+. Dr. Fu shared the characteristics and applications of FV products. So the guests had a more direct understanding of the company's newest products.

The symposium shared market information, exchanged experience and confusion, enhanced the relationship between the company and customers, and provided a channel for the company to understand customer’s needs more accurately. It was a successful conference.

Customer Symposium 2016 Successfully Held.