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How to Properly Store and Handle Waterproof Abrasive Paper?

As with any other type of abrasive paper, proper storage and handling is crucial to ensure that your waterproof abrasive paper remains effective and delivers the desired results. If you are not mindful of how you store and handle your waterproof abrasive paper, it can lose its effectiveness and become a cause of frustration, as it will not cut through surfaces as well as it used to. Based on our abundant experience as an abrasive products company, this article highlights 3 key tips on how to properly store and handle waterproof abrasive paper, ensuring it always delivers optimal results.

Store the paper in a dry place

As waterproof abrasive paper does not break down when exposed to water, one of the most significant advantages that it offers users is that it can be used underwater or in wet conditions. However, this does not mean that the paper can tolerate high levels of moisture over extended periods. It is important to keep the paper in a dry place where it cannot be exposed to moisture, as water can eventually weaken the glue on the back of the abrasive paper and cause it to detach from the backing. Store the paper in a cool, dry place and avoid humidity as much as possible.

Keep the paper flat

One of the biggest enemies of waterproof abrasive paper is bending or folding. When this happens, the abrasive grit may break off and become unusable, particularly when the paper is used on hard surfaces. To prevent this from happening, it is important to keep your waterproof abrasive paper flat when storing or transporting it. You can use a storage container with a lid or a folder in your workshop to keep the sheets flat and separated.

Keep the paper clean

Abrasive paper is designed to cut through surfaces, and it is easy for the particles to get stuck in the grit of the paper. This residue buildup decreases the paper's effectiveness and performance. To avoid this, you should regularly clean your waterproof abrasive paper before and after use. You can use a soft brush to remove the particles trapped in the grit or rinse the paper with warm water and pat it dry with a towel. Avoid using harsh cleaning agents or solvents as they can damage the paper and make it unusable.

In conclusion, waterproof abrasive paper is a handy tool to have in any DIY or professional toolkit. Proper storage and handling is key to ensuring that it is always effective and delivers optimal results. Store the paper in a dry place, keep it flat, and clean it regularly to extend its life and usefulness. By following these tips, you can ensure that your waterproof abrasive paper retains its strength and performance, delivering high-quality results on any surface.