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The Advantages Of Sand Disc

The sanding disc is one of the more characteristic products in the coated abrasives, its matrix rigidity number toughness is stronger, its use and manufacturing have some outstanding characteristics compared with other varieties, these characteristics are as follows.

(1) The production of sanding disc is simple and the cycle time is short

The production mechanization of sanding disc is very low, for simple mechanical or manual production, so not only the facilities are simple, but also the operation is easy to master. The production cycle is short for a batch of products, but the production output is not much, that is, the production efficiency is low.

(2) High strength and good toughness of sanding disc

The matrix of our bulk sanding discs has high strength and good toughness. In addition, the binder used in the sanding disc is a high bond strength binder, so the sanding disc is suitable for grinding and processing workpieces under high speed and high load, and its linear speed can reach 100-130m/s.

(3) Good rigidity of the sanding disc, completely reliable in use

The sanding disc has both good rigidity and a certain degree of elasticity. Although the steel paper as the substrate is less winding, the sanding disc is strong and high toughness, so it is not easy to break under high speed rotation and high load, and the processing process will not produce the danger that may occur when processing with a grinding wheel, which is a safer and more reliable tool.

(4) Easy to use and flexible sanding disc, good processing effect

The sanding disc is small in size and light in weight, and it is installed in a portable wind machine, which is small and flexible and extremely convenient to operate.

(5) More varieties of sanding disc specifications and wider applications

The sanding discs can be divided into round flake, multilateral shape and ruffle shape from the shape, and can be divided into different abrasives from the abrasive material, such as ceramic sanding discs, of which there are different grain size products, and the round flake sanding discs can be divided into multiple specifications according to the size of the hole and the diameter of the outer garden.