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Getting to Know Sand cloth

What is Sand Cloth (Emery Cloth)?


Sand cloth (emery cloth) is a kind of abrasive. It is made by attaching abrasive (emery) to a substrate (cloth or paper). Common substrates are paper and cotton cloth. Garnet sandpaper is a good choice as paper, because it has higher strength and better flexibility. Common abrasives for sand cloth include artificial diamond, synthetic corundum, garnet, silicon, quartz, pumice, and iron oxide. Sand cloth can be classified according to the different sizes and materials of the abrasives such as aluminum oxide emery cloth.


Development of Sand Cloth


As one of the leading woodworking abrasives suppliers, our sand cloth has become a relatively complete and self-contained processing technology after nearly 30 years of development. It is highly efficient, has a wide range of applications, is adaptable, has low operating costs, and is easy and safe to operate, making it popular among users. In foreign countries, the grinding technology of sand cloth has made great progress, and its processing objects and application fields are increasingly extensive. It can almost process all engineering materials, from general daily necessities to large aerospace equipment, and has become an important means of obtaining significant economic benefits. The reason why it is increasingly valued, has rapidly developed as a processing technology, is that it has the following important characteristics:

Sand cloth grinding is an elastic grinding process that is a composite processing technology with multiple functions, such as grinding, polishing, and lapping. It has high surface quality of the workpiece, low grinding cost, and high flexibility and adaptability in grinding process.


Applications of Sand Cloth


It can be mounted on a machine or used for manual grinding of burrs, rust spots, or polished surfaces on metal workpieces. Rolled sand cloth is mainly used for mechanical grinding of metal workpieces or plywood. Coarse-grit sand cloth is used for rough grinding and fine-grit sand cloth is used for fine grinding.