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What Is A Sandpaper Sponge

What is a sponge block

Sponge sanding blocks are foam sponges impregnated with various sizes of grit that one can use as a sanding tool for a variety of surfaces. Many hardware and craft stores carry sponge blocks and accessories that can be a useful tool to keep around the home or workshop. And sponge blocks can be divided according to their size, such as long sanding block.

Advantages of sponge sanding blocks

There are many advantages to using sponge sanding blocks over sandpaper. One of the biggest benefits is that the sponge blocks can be cleaned to remove clogged material, and they are very long lasting. As the foam and grit begin to wear away, successive layers are uncovered, allowing the use of individual sponges in many settings and in a variety of environments. Washability is also a major advantage when one is working on projects that tend to clog sandpaper, such as sanding paint, putty and similar materials.

The sponge sanding block is grit-free on the sides when held by the user and does not irritate the hands. Because of their high flexibility, sponge sanding blocks like sanding cube can be used on flat or contoured surfaces and, unlike sandpaper, they do not break or create abrasions and bare spots. For extended sanding projects, using the holder makes sanding more comfortable because it will reduce hand cramps and joint wear.

Usage of sponge sanding blocks

Most sandpaper sponges are designed for both wet and dry use. Wet sanding tends to produce less dust and is better suited for certain applications. Dry sanding with a sponge block is also less dusty than using sandpaper because the sponge tends to collect dust and debris that will be washed away later. Wood, plastic, metal, clay and many other materials can be sanded smooth with sandpaper for a variety of tasks, from preparing a painting to finishing a handmade table or cabinet.

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